Swift Environmental

 A Division of Hyduke Drilling Solutions:

Redefining Environmental Stewardship:We bring entrepreneurial spirit to every project and we break new ground with revolutionary innovation and insightful solutions to each challenge and ensure our client’s work harmoniously within our natural world.

 We help companies contain and control fluids.

Our specialty is the design & manufacturing of portable industrial vacuum systems built to suit our customer's specific applications and available footprint. Our vacuums are as powerful as a vacuum truck with the versatility of a shop vac. When used with the Swift Clean Wand you can dramatically reduce water consumption.

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Our Vacuums are Ideal for:

* Equipment cleaning & decontamination
* Invert fluid recovery, cleaning rig floors
* Removing polymer from IBC totes in recycling facilities, leak testing
* Removing sludge from sumps
* Vacuum drifting
* Spill response
* Cleans floors, walls, processing plants
* Reduces cross contamination
* Reducing frequency of costly vacuum truck services
* Excellent tool to help improve biosecurity programs, increases speed of drying

Rig Floor Cleaning Wand

Swift Environmental has developed a cleaning wand used to pressure spray and vacuum to stop the spread of disease and infection.

Multi-purpose; floors, walls, equipment, tanks, pits

• Specially designed to clean rig floor safety mats
• Deep penetration brush head
• Dramatically reduces water consumption
• Concentrated cleaning action
• Triple function; vacuum/pressure wash/steam


The Swift Saver ™ Mud Bucket

The Swift Saver ™ Mud bucket is custom designed to work with the Swift Vacuum to prevent all spills and leaks with maximum recovery and containment.

• Easily connects to most vacuum systems
• Controls and directs drilling fluids back to the mud system
• 100% recovery
• A must for pulling wet strings
• 4 latches for extra strength designed to eliminate flaring

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