Our Story

When Sean Hannigan saw a need for an industrial vacuum unit, he went on a mission to build one. Sean realized that drilling fluids are the number one contaminant on rig sites and researched ways to reduce and recover this valuable fluid. His creation was so well received in the drilling industry that he founded his own company. Sean’s design allowed for the recovery of costly invert drilling fluid making rig floors cleaner and safer. Twelve years and hundreds of vacuums later, the Swift Environmental Rig Vacuum Systems are now used around the world. Our customers appreciate the reliability, quality and safety features of our vacuums as well as our exceptional customer service and comprehensive training program. Our vacuums have endured the most extreme conditions and have performed so well in the drilling industry that many other industries are benefiting from Swift Vacuum Systems for a variety of purposes including spill response and general maintenance.


Redefining Environmental Stewardship: We bring entrepreneurial spirit to every project and we break new ground with revolutionary innovation and insightful solutions to each challenge and ensure our client’s work harmoniously within our natural world.

Swift Environmental a Division of Hyduke Drilling Solutions