The Swift Saver ™ Mud Bucket

The Swift Saver ™ Mud bucket is custom designed to work with the Swift Vacuum to prevent all spills and leaks with maximum recovery and containment. Our unique design allows for versatility and utilizes powerful vacuum technology for exceptional results. You decide which method you want to use.
• Open bottom (discharge through the rotary table)
• Gravity discharge (directs fluids to drain hose)
• Vacuum discharge (collects all fluids to vacuum system and uses vacuum to clean and dry the ID of your drill pipe before racking)
• Easily connects to most vacuum systems
• Controls and directs drilling fluids back to the mud system
• 100% recovery
• A must for pulling wet strings
• 4 latches for extra strength designed to eliminate flaring

Swift Saver seal sizes ranging from 2 1/2” to 7 ½”.

Weight – 26 Lbs



TESTIMONIAL  “The Swift Saver ™ is easy to install and the extended handle makes it easier to close when tool joints are higher”