SVGSK-150 U.S. Gallon Skid Mounted Gas Powered

Standard Swift Vacuum packages feature the following:

Options available:

• Integrated pump flush system
• Integrated component drain system
• Swift Clean Rig Floor cleaning wand
• Collection & Discharge hose package
• Electric/Diesel powered

Common Applications

The original “Rig Vac” first designed by Swift Environmental is our most popular and versatile unit. Available in gas, electric or diesel; this vacuum is easy to transport via forklift, helicopter, trailer or Sea Can and could also be configured to fit on a bobcat to utilize hydraulic power. Stackable and skid mount styles can be designed to fit your specific footprint. We can even build a power unit without a tank.

Vacuum Versatility

• Invert fluid recovery on drilling rigs
• Rig floor cleaning with wand attachment
• IBC tote cleaning
• Vacuum drifting
• Spill response
• Plant maintenance
• Recycling and waste management facilities
• Gas plants

Excellent choice for rental companies.